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Head of New York City-based productivity consulting firm The Energy Project

“When demand in our lives intensifies, we tend to hunker down and push harder.” 


Take a break!

We have a limited supply of attention each day, and multitasking and being always-on, connected to a stream of emails, can lead to stress and other mental health difficulties. 

According to researchers at UCL our tech-based work diaries can reduce IQ by 10 points - the same as a sleepless night.

Focusing on a certain task for an extended period of time affects the brain's ability to register the stimulus in front of it. Mental fatigue can affect decision-making and lead to burn out. 

Creative Thinking

Encouraging breaks can be a strategic differentiator in the workplace, yet many of us work through lunch breaks, or take few breaks during the day.

Engaging in unrelated activities, particularly creative ones where you can engage your 'right brain'  helps you to access the 'diffuse' mental state.

During this diffuse state, the mind wanders - increases an individual's ability to problem solve and develop breakthrough ideas. 

Creative Hobbies and High Performing Employees

Workers with creative hobbies outside of work, according to this research study to have a 15-30% higher performance level at work.

Creative activities help people cope with the demands of their job by switching-off. They are also better problem-solvers and are better team players, willing to help co-workers more readily.

Creativity meets Wellbeing

Trying new creative activities according to clinical researchers  have positive impacts on wellbeing, including the increase in stress avoidance behaviours, creating headspace and developing positive self perceptions.


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