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New toolkits for wellbeing

New toolkits for wellbeing

Whilst many companies are rethinking flexibility of working practices and using technology to bring teams together, now is the time for organisations to think creatively about how to incorporate wellbeing into the working day. Less than 40% of respondents in Deloitte's global survey are introducing wellness behaviours in everyday work.

Promoting breaks in the working day, encouraging individuals to take part in talks and events to promote wellbeing activities and right brain engagement is a refreshing but under-utilised alternative for companies to promote wellbeing, as well as team connection and engagement. Just one in three employers responding to a poll by are setting up virtual team and social activities to support employees mental health, and one in four signposting mental health support and guidance online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Engaging teams in events and talks to promote worker wellbeing and to learn something new for short bursts in the working day is a key opportunity for companies to consider as we find new ways to create a great employee experience.

In a survey about most desired benefits, extracurricular activities such as arts and crafts and bookclubs were found to be the highest favoured by respondents, higher even than having a day off for birthdays, free coffee or flexihours.

Benefits of creativity on wellbeing

Trying new creative activities has been found by clinical researchers to have positive impacts on wellbeing, by helping to reduce stress, creating mindspace and building self esteem and confidence. Workers with creative hobbies outside of work have also been found by researchers to perform up to 15-30% higher performance at work. Creative activities were found to help people cope with the demands of their job.

Wellbeing benefits were reported regardless of skill level, meaning its the taking part that counts, and engaging in just a single session of a creative activity brings wellbeing benefits, with cumulative effects from regular engagement. A great reason for teams to try something new!

Let's tailor a creative event for your staff's wellbeing.

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