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Finding it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit and boost staff moral?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We have a great alternative to another zoom drinks or quiz? With remote and hybrid working as the new normal, finding interesting ways to boost team morale and connection is more important than ever before. We can help find new and meaningful ways to enhance team connection and collaboration for away days, socials and more.

We found research which suggests that employees were finding it hard to focus because they were managing uncertainty and worry which caused mental clutter.

Here is a free taster of our mental decluttering class inspired by Marie Kondo and Elizabeth Gilbert.

The benefits of team building

Making you more connected and engaged

Research has found communication, collaboration and loneliness to be amongst the top challenges for remote workers and remote organisations (higher even than distractions at home or not being able to switch off from work). Our team building events help you you address the gap and are designed to boost connection , creativity and wellbeing all at once.

Why team building is more important than ever

Almost half (46%) of UK workers have experienced loneliness while working from home, and two thirds feel that working from home during lockdown has negatively affected the variety of our social interactions.The average number of people we interact with daily has reduced from 17 to 8 of which the majority virtually, 52% of UK workers participating in a recent survey found they rely on the workplace for most of their social interactions. This said, another recent Microsoft study found that 60% of people felt less connected to their colleagues since working remotely, despite it being their main source of social interaction

Why social connection is crucial

Connection at work is an important social issue. According to the Guardian, more than 70% of workers who said they want to return to the office cited social and mental health issues, including feelings of loneliness. But beyond a duty to promote well being of employees, finding alternative ways to promote social connections with employees has significant business benefits for organisations Social connectivity has a notable impact on people's ability to perform at work. 24% of workers say the distance from their usual workplace has depleted their productivity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Social engagement at work may be the key to addressing this. According to research by BCG, social connectivity is an important predictor of productivity at work. Employees who reported satisfaction with social connectivity with their colleagues are two to three times more likely to have maintained or improved their productivity on collaborative tasks.

Aligning social connection with workers interests

Nurturing a "virtual culture that keeps employees connected" is key to managing remote and hybrid teams. Recommendations to address this include virtual team building; developing and sharing skills; team huddles; wellness initiatives and happiness boosts that inject fun into the workday. Power Hour's team building events help your team building events tick all of these boxes. We can help your teams to learn a new skill, learn something new, improve wellbeing and have fun with other team members at the same time. Many of our creative wellbeing sessions are great ways to do this.

Get in touch today to find out how we can assist you in ending 2020 with a warm team building activity.

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