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Making wellbeing a priority in the 'next normal'

Taking care of workers wellbeing is becoming more critical than ever. According to recent research, just under half of the UK workforce surveyed has suffered a decline in their mental health since working from home since Covid-19, whilst BUPA reports its wellbeing advice line has received a 300 per cent increase in calls.

Creating a positive wellbeing culture

Companies have an important role to play in creating a positive wellbeing culture in the 'next normal', as we see workers perceive an increasing pressure to perform, alongside new working patterns and ways of working. Half of workers polled in a recent survey by Robert Walters found 87% of workers who now work remotely felt pressured to be more productive, and show 'digital presence' . Half of the managers surveyed in the report feared employees could be at risk of burnout as a result of the increased pressures felt by teams.

Managing employees' expectations

Workers expectation that they need to be 'digitally present' is impacting stress levels of team members and positive wellbeing behaviours at work. 41% of workers in a recent survey admitted to being more likely to work through lunch breaks, 38% are working longer hours and 29% reported feeling more stressed.

Redesigning work for wellbeing

The cost of workers being at work but underperforming due to poor wellbeing or mental health is 3.5 times higher than the cost to employers of mental health related absence. Companies can expect an average return of £5 for every £1 spent on investment in mental health according to Deloitte research.

Recent reports have suggested that fostering a sense of wellbeing produced 31% higher productivity in employees and 59% greater loyalty.

Two in three workers in a recent YouGov survey stated they want benefits designed to promote healthy lifestyles. Recent Deloitte research from over 9000 participants globally suggests organisations need to think about designing work for wellbeing, as well as promoting activities which encourage individual's sense contribution and purpose at work

Read our next blog for more solutions on wellbeing toolkits.

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