During the current lockdown, I have been isolated at home now for two weeks. Running out of creative outlets I welcome you into my home based art studio for some behind-the-scenes art making.


Artist Nicola Anthony

Nicola has developed her career as a professional sculptor over the last 15 years, to bring meaning and purpose into her own life, her art, and to those around her. In her current roles as an artist mentor, as a trustee and board member at the Royal Society of Sculptors, and as a guide to creatives she has curated two workshops with the Power Hour UK 

1. The Purpose Finding Class, read more below. 

2. Nicola's Mandala Workshop

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Online Class

These classes are 60-minutes long and can be booked in at your convenience on a 1-2-1 basis and will soon be up for purchase as recorded content.

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Find Your Purpose

Through a series of questions and discussion that Nicola will guide you through, as well as some creative exercises, this one hour session will give you a real insight into your self. You will find out the motivators behind your fears and your life so far, and also work out if you need to change direction or re-prioritise. Nicola gives you some tools to take away from the session, to continue to find self awareness and compassion, and have the ability to navigate and reorientate your more purposeful life.


What You'll Need

 ● You will receive a short questionnaire a day before, to get you thinking about this topic. You can go through this quickly to give your instinctive answers, (don’t overthink it.)

● During the discussion just bring yourself - the session is a private, safe space.

● Bring a pen and paper or a notebook to do some creative exercises, and a cup of tea if you like!

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Mandala Workshop

A relaxing and inspirational class to create your own mandala masterpiece through drawing simple patterns, leading to intricate designs. This is a wonderfully connective, confidence building session, which also teaches you about mindfulness, gives you a technique to help find a moment of calm at any time in your life, and I guarantee that by the end of it you will have exceeded your own expectations!


What will you learn

● The simple language of shapes which are used in mandala drawing
● Having confidence in your drawing ability - especially for the beginners!
● How to practice mindfulness and breathing exercises while drawing, or how to simply get absorbed by your art, let go and have fun
● The history of mandala drawing
● See how the simple shapes we learn can build up to create something more complex than you imagined you could create


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