Replacing Happy Hours

The 2009 paper "Does Team Building Work?" published in Small Group Research journal analysed data from 103 studies found that, effective team building exercises can have positive effects on team performance.

A more recent 2018 study showed that shared adversity can increase overall team creativity by fostering supportive interactions.  Hence, this being an opportune time for employers and organisations to show their commitment to their employees' wellbeing. 


Alternative Team Building Strategies

New ways to keep teams engaged and connected when working in virtual teams.

In 2012, the American Psychological Association  found that committing time and resources to offsite team-building exercises can help employees feel more valued, which often leads to greater engagement and higher productivity. 

We launched The Power Hour Uk, a creative marketplace during one of the most difficult years and during one of the most challenging times for employees.

As a startup, we also faced our own troubles staying motivated and engaged whilst working remotely during a public health crisis and economic downturn.

Coworking Space

Our Approach

We offer companies a new approach to motivating teams and promoting wellness. 

With our creative bite-sized classes we offer engaging team-building exercises using mindfulness, art, craft, writing and productivity tips. 

 We always start sessions with a short mindfulness practice including drawing or reflection, meditation or simple breathing to help you connect to the present moment. We present opportunities for you to engage the curious right brain, and indulge in learning something new.

By reducing screen time with sessions in under 60 (minutes), we limit screen time for long periods and encourage interaction. 


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