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Mental health and employers
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Rates of leaveism and presenteeism are rising due to the increase in technology‑enabled, always‑on workplace culture, and are closely linked to employee burnout. 

What is presenteeism - working when unwell and being less productive - and leaveism - improper use of leave.

Two in three workers in a recent YouGov survey listed benefits designed to promote healthy lifestyles an attractive incentive.

Global Deloitte research from over 9000 participants suggests organisations need to think about designing work for wellbeing, as well as promoting activities which encourage individual's sense contribution and purpose at work


Creativity meets Wellbeing

Discover our inspiring online creative escapes. We offer a new approach to wellbeing in the workplace, promoting creativity and bite-sized team building sessionsWe promise to bring you a dose of inspiration and motivation for the rest of your week! 


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Creative Thoughts


Have you got creative talent or want to inspire others to develop their creative potential and need a bit of support to get started.


Are you a manager or employee who wants to help your fellow employees engage in something fun and creative during your next team meeting?

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